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How we use ProGrip™ Mesh to repair your hernia

ProGrip™ is a revolutionary mesh with absorbable hooks on the mesh which secure tightly to the tissues. This means that no suturing or stapling is needed to hold the mesh in place.

Chronic discomfort or pain following hernia repair is experienced by a small number of patients.

Some believe this discomfort is caused by the sutures or staples catching small nerves during hernia repair. Not using sutures or staples may potentially cut down on long-term post-operative pain or discomfort following hernia repair. This appears to be borne out by longterm trials with the mesh.

ProGrip™ mesh also shrinks up to 50% less than other meshes, meaning less likelihood of recurrence. Oxford Hernia Clinic was pleased to be the first hernia clinic in the UK to use ProGrip™ as its preferred mesh for hernia repair and we are currently the largest user of the mesh in the UK, having performed over 2000 procedures.

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