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Your day at the Hospital

Patients will be welcomed by the reception staff at The Manor Hospital and shown to the Day Surgery Unit. Download our booklet for detailed information.

Arriving at Hospital

When you come for your hernia repair, you should proceed, from the basement car park (free of charge) if arriving by car, to the main reception.

Here you will be greeted by staff and directed to the Day Suite. The Day Suite staff will book you in, check your personal details and put your identification wristband on. You will then be shown to the changing room, where you should remove all your garments-an operating gown and slippers will be provided.

A nurse will then take you through to the anaesthetic room to record your blood pressure, pulse and temperature and ask you some questions for the operation, to ensure you are correctly prepared for your operation. Staff will explain what will happen throughout your time in the hospital.


Mr Greg Sadler is your surgeon. He will talk to you about your operation and answer any remaining questions you may have. Mr Sadler will ask you to sign a consent form to demonstrate your understanding of the risks and benefits of the operation. You should have received and read our information booklet before arriving (this is important as reading the booklet is part of the consent process).

The operation site will be marked on your skin with a marker pen.


Dr Mark Stoneham is your anaesthetist (the doctor who manages your anaesthesia –blocking pain and sensation). He will talk to you about the anaesthesia and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Going to the Operating Room

The anaesthetist will give you a small sedative injection in the back of your hand. While you feel sleepy and a local anaesthetic will be injected to completely numb the area. You won’t remember this happening.

The anaesthetic lasts for 6-12 hours (so you’ll remain pain-free for most of the day and can travel home in comfort after the operation). Your operation will start straight away.

During Surgery

Under local anaesthetic you will be conscious during the procedure but by the time you recover from the sedative most of the operation is already completed, you won’t be in any pain at all. There will be a surgical drape in place so you won’t actually see the operation.

The time for the hernia repair will vary from patient to patient but usually takes around 20-30 minutes.

The Surgery team will talk to you throughout your surgery ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed.

You can bring a personal player to listen to music, but music will be playing in the operating theatre as well. Absolute Radio™ is preferred by the operating team!

After the Operation

Following an operation under local anaesthetic, you will be taken to the recovery lounge where you will be checked on by a nurse and offered a cup of tea, sandwiches and biscuits.

You can leave the recovery lounge when the nurse is happy that you are in a suitable condition and there’s a responsible adult to escort you to your transport. Most patients are ready to leave after 30 minutes or so in the recovery lounge.

The nurse will provide you with a home pack including a detailed booklet and pain medication. A sick note can be provided on request.

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