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Sitting on 1 .5 feet of Small Bowel!

Oxford Hernia Clinic - Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mr AB was initially involved in a head on road traffic accident two years ago which resulted in a ruptured liver and spleen needing urgent laparotomy. He also tore the external and internal oblique muscles off his iliac crest, which resulted in a rare large trauma-induced hernia. Prior to coming to Oxford Hernia Clinic, Mr AB had already undergone two repairs which included plastic surgery input, both of which had failed almost immediately after the operation.

In addition to the hernia Mr AB was complaining of symptoms, particularly on waking each morning, suggestive of small bowel obstruction. This was hardly surprising as his hernia was so large, his small bowel had protruded out, run under the skin and was spread over his right buttock, so Mr AB actually did sleep on it!

Despondent and increasingly desperate Mr AB looked further afield than his home town and contacted the Oxford Hernia Clinic team.

The defect was successfully repaired by specialist hernia surgeon, Mr Greg Sadler at Oxford Hernia Clinic, under general anaesthetic -using Progrip mesh(- with no stitches required- so avoiding the possibility of accidentally catching the small bowel). The muscle was reattached the to the iliac crest and the patient went home the day after surgery.

Six weeks out the patient is fully recovered, symptom free and delighted with the result .

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