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Top 20 most commonly asked questions

How many hernia repairs has the Consultant Hernia Surgeon Greg Sadler undertaken?

How soon can you fix my hernia?

Do I need a GP referral?

What sort of mesh does Oxford Hernia Clinic use?

Will I be able to travel home on the same day?

Will I be pain free after the operation?

How long will my surgery take?

When can I return to work after my inguinal hernia repair?

Are there any long-term side effects?

Do hernias always require surgery?

What is the MRSA rate of infection?

How soon can I drive after my hernia repair?

Do I need to shave before I come to hospital?

Will there be any parking?

Will I see any of the operation if I have a local anaesthetic?

Can I have keyhole surgery?

How likely is it that my hernia will come back?

Can a hernia affect my sex life?

Am I too old to have hernia surgery?

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