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How much does a private hernia operation cost?

Our goal has always been complete transparency (no hidden costs) and to keep the cost of hernia surgery to a realistic level, delivering friendly, specialist surgery at an affordable price.

Self Funded Patients


We have a fixed fee of £1,990 for a unilateral inguinal hernia, umbilical, epigastric or femoral hernia under local anaesthetic, fully inclusive of all hospital, anaesthetic and surgical fees. There is no VAT on medical services.


Most patients are far better off having a local anaesthetic hernia repair in a day unit. Its safer, quicker, more comfortable and considerably less expensive. On average our patients spend only 1.5 -2 hours in hospital and will travel home pain free.

Prices for hernia surgery will vary depending on whether you have a unilateral or a bilateral hernia and whether your operation is performed as a local or a general anaesthetic.


The cost of surgery in many centres will be focussed around a general anaesthetic and the need for an in-patient bed which will often be charged at between £600-£1,000 per day (even if you are treated as a day case). This significantly increases the cost but delivers no real benefit for individual patients.


An initial detailed consultation with Mr Sadler over the phone is usually is needed and this may save a trip to Oxford.

For a few patients with complex hernia problems or where there is doubt about the nature of the hernia and how it needs to be repaired an initial an outpatient consultation will be necessary.

Insured Patients

Mr Sadler and Dr Stoneham are recognised by all the major insurance companies. The Manor Hospital as part of the Nuffield Health Group is also fully recognised by all the Insurance Companies.

For the vast majority of all our patients the full cost of your hospital stay is covered.

Some companies require a GP referral letter to 'activate' your claim insurance but this can easily be sorted after speaking to us.

Prior to admission, Lesley will supply you with all the relevant OPCS codes that you need for your company and organise any forms that need filling in with Mr Sadler.

All patients are notified prior to surgery what the surgical and anaesthetic fees will be, ensuring that you are fully informed at all times of any potential problems with cover.

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