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Incisional hernia repair and how to recognise the symptoms

An incisional hernia occurs in the scar following a previous operation.

Incisional Hernia 

Incisional hernia occur for a number of reasons: The wound may have become infected after surgery, the stitches may have failed, or the repair may have gradually weakened over time.

Incisional hernia's often become quite large and uncomfortable. Because of their site and position (often in midline) they are usually repaired under general anaesthetic.

The repair can be by a keyhole laparoscopic operation or by an open mesh repair. It will depend upon the position, size and reducibility (how easily it goes back in) as to which operation is possible.

Excellent results are possible, even in very large and difficult hernias. For this kind of hernia we will always want to see you in clinic before deciding what operation is best for you.

" I can't praise the whole team enough, everyone so effortlessly efficient, all totally focused on the job in hand, seamless. To see Mr Sadler at work was amazing, so adept and dexterous, obviously I was a little trepidations at first, I had taken the cheapest job on offer out of desperation, I had an enormous hernia and this was my last chance  to get back to work before penury, it had to go well. Within the first minutes I was totally at ease, I am a bricklayer of 45 yrs and I can tell a good one just by the way he takes his tools out.To my amazement I had that exact feeling as soon as Greg went to work, you could just tell you were in the hands of a master at the top of his profession. No pain at all, I mean none. I have had more trauma at the dentist. I mean this totally sincerely, I took the cheapest I could find and I found a service you could not better no matter how much you paid. State of the art. I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough for what Greg did for me "

Inguinal Hernia Patient KF Oct 2018

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