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Spigelian hernia repair and how to recognise the symptoms

A Spigelian hernia is a protrusion through a weakness between the muscle fibres of the abdominal wall.

The bulge may contain a section of the intestines but in other cases may be an empty sac. An absence of a lump or swelling can make it difficult to detect and will often go undetected for a long period of time.

Spigelian Hernia Symptoms

Spigelian hernia symptoms are few and often go undetected, but may include poor bowel function or constipation, a dull lower abdominal ache on the right or left hand side below the navel, with recurring pain especially on bending or stretching, coughing or lifting heavy objects.

Spigelian hernia surgery is usually easily performed under local anaesthetic in about 25 minutes.

A small transverse incision is made (better cosmesis than a vertical incision), identifying the small defect between the rectii muscles.

A small ProGrip Mesh is then placed behind the muscle sheath.

The defect is then closed with a couple of sutures over the mesh, giving a two-layer strength. Occasionally, if the hernia is very small a couple of stitches may be all that's needed.

Patients can leave hospital about 30 minutes after the repair.

"Friendly efficient service from all staff involved. Full explanation given at every step of the procedure, including what to expect in terms of recovery."

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