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Sports hernia surgery

Sports Hernia is the term given to chronic groin pain usually associated with exercise.

It is some times referred to as 'Gilmore's Groin' after the surgeon who first described the condition. The use of the term 'hernia' is not really appropriate as there is no actual 'hernia' and 'Sports Groin Strain' or just simple 'Groin Strain' are probably better.

The classic symptoms associated with a Sports Hernia are discomfort or ache that arises in the groin region either during or just after exercise. The pain is a 'nagging discomfort' rather than a very severe pain. It often is not acute enough to stop or prevent the exercise but significantly decreases performance and erodes confidence.

Often the pain will come on in the day after exercise and last for a few days before wearing off, only to return again when exercise starts. There is usually no bulge or swelling in the groin region that is usually seen with a true hernia.

Sports groin strain is more commonly seen in younger people involved in sports involving quick pelvic twisting such as football and rugby, though runners and others sportsmen (and to a lesser extent sportswomen) can experience problems.

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Sports Hernia Patient FS June 2016

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