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Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire 2019-2020

Please click here for our latest Survey Monkey Patient Feedback Questionnaire 2019-2020 results


Oxford Hernia Clinic is committed to giving patients the best experience and care. We routinely ask our patients for feedback which helps us to continue to develop and improve the service. A big thank you to all patients who have kindly supplied feedback. We do listen and try and make changes where possible.

" Whilst Mr Sadler did warn me about the pain / swelling / bruising post operation, I wasn't quite prepared for the severity of its after effects. Perhaps because this was my first surgery. The surgery itself was excellent and I experienced no discomfort or ill effects. However, after the local anaesthetic wore off, I had a difficult few days. I was reluctant to take the co-codamol supplied, but in hindsight should have done! Other than the initial post operative discomfort, my recovery has gone very well and 10 weeks post op I am back to normal activities, albeit trying to avoid heavy lifting. I came to the Oxford Hernia Clinic following an aborted NHS procedure and suffice to say my confidence in having the surgery was low. However, my initial interaction with Mr Sadler's secretary, Lesley, was very encouraging and the information provided on your website was excellent. The subsequent consultation with Mr Sadler gave me confidence to proceed. I was nervous the day leading up to the surgery, given the possible risks, but Mr Sadler and Mr Stoneham's experience and high level of competence put me at ease. So far I am very happy with the result of the surgery and have only the highest praise for the team. Thank you so much for taking the pain and discomfort away and allowing me to get on with my active lifestyle unimpeded. "

Inguinal Hernia Male May 2021 PB

" I came for an inguinal hernia surgery, and this was totally the 'does what it says on the tin' experience: everything was as per the downloadable booklet, plus clear instructions in relation to managing the process during Covid times. I'm fully expecting the other side to 'pop' at some point and, if it does, I'll be back to the Oxford Hernia Clinic. "

Inguinal Hernia Male ME June 2021

" I was extremely satisfied with the reply and personal contact with the surgeon right from the start. Staff were excellent, friendly and cheerful made me feel very at ease. "

Umbilical Hernia Male Patient June 21 MG

" If my GP had just sent me to you after my 1st examination it would have saved everyone time money and me a whole world of issues. I had been given scans, met with an NHS surgeon and would still be awaiting my operation if I had not been given your details. How more straight forward could it be, I arrived somewhat worried, I was examined by Greg and he confirmed as everyone else had before him that I had a small inguinal hernia that needed surgery, I was prepped for surgery had my surgery followed by lunch and was home in less time than it takes to watch a superhero film, marvelous Everything was perfect from start to finish, I was extremely nervous about the procedure but everything went exactly as you explained verbally and in your manual. I even came around exactly as you predicted to the sound of absolute radio and was asked repeatable by he nurse to my side if I was Ok, I remember frantically tapping on my phone to explain it was a bit hot when I suddenly realised that I would need to speak up as you might work wonders but you don’t have super powers, thank you so much for your help in getting this old man back to some kind of normality. "

Inguinal Hernia Male May 2021

" You are a very customer-centric service with a relaxed friendly approach. You come across as being laid back but this is underpinned by a firmly efficient process which delivers exactly what it says and exactly what the customer wants. I am absolutely staggered, even after some 8 weeks so, in the quality and execution of the whole process so much so I was working full time with little discomfort 3 days later. Congratulations! "

Umbilical Hernia Male May 2021 AV

" I could not ask for a better service as it was fantastic from start to finish. The pre and post surgery instruction were crystal clear -  "

Inguinal Hernia Female April 2021 LB

" The service I received was outstanding. Every member of the team was kind and welcoming and I felt well cared for throughout. The surgeon and anaesthetist remembered my specific care needs and made sure these were met. The procedure itself was painless and I was in the hospital for a really short amount of time. The facilities were clean and modern, there really isn't anything I could suggest to be improved upon, I'm really glad to have found the clinic. "

Umbilical Hernia April 21 Anon

" Knowing how professional Greg and his team were from my previous visit gave me total confidence in returning to Oxford Hernia clinic for my second inguinal hernia operation. "

Inguinal Hernia Male Mar 2021 RW

"      Magnificent treatment: Surgeon who absolutely delivered what was promised. His knowledge was so great that the diagnosis was done on the phone precisely accurately.      "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male DF FEB 21

" All round the Oxford Hernia Clinic provides an excellent service, I was especially grateful for quite a short wait. The nurse who did the initial checks was very kind and good at keeping me calm. I chose OHC because  of the verbal recommendation I received. Mr Sadler's reputation as a very experienced surgeon. The excellent leaflet that explains everything that is due to happen very well. "

Inguinal Hernia Male AB Jan 21

" I was able to choose a date that fitted in with my lifestyle and routine. All staff involved were a great team and made me feel relaxed.I was completely satisfied with everything before, during and after the operation.  Extremely satisfied "

Umbilical Hernia Male MN Jan 21

" I chose OHC for their high level of detail on the website regarding the procedure, what to expect, how it would be performed and why. Also the fact that it is done under local anaesthetic and a quick turnaround procedure. Honestly everything was first class, couldn't fault it one bit. "

Inguinal Hernia Male PW Dec 20

"    The entire process was stress-free and surprisingly speedy. I left the Hospital two and a half hours after reporting in at 8 a.m.! People are apprehensive about undergoing a surgical procedure. I was, but the professional attitude of the OHC team and particularly the telephone conversation with Mr Sadler before the surgery put me at ease. On the day, everything that had been promised was experienced, a relaxed approach, painless and stress-free surgery, quick recovery and very little post-operative discomfort. I paid for the procedure myself; money well spent. Thank you Greg Sadler and the team.    "

Bilateral Hernia Male PW Dec 20

"  In every respect, the team provided a professional, efficient, rigorous and kind experience at very reasonable cost.   The most important factor for choosing OHC, was my perception of the long and successful experience of the surgeon and anaesthetist, with this operation and working together as a team.    "

inguinal Hernia Male RR dec 20

" The most important factor for choosing to come to Oxford Hernia Clinic was knowing that the surgery would be carried out by somebody who specialises in hernia repair. Second, the information provided online which appeared to give a balanced account of the benefits and risks of surgery - by contrast with some other providers whose publicity materials were more one-sided. "

Bilateral Hernia Male Patient AY Aug 20

" Totally impressed and my recovery followed exactly the pattern suggested in the booklet. Now I am feeling back to my former self and realise that some of the aches in my lower back and right leg have been relieved by the surgery. Hope you can keep up the good work. "

Inguinal Hernia Female Patient Aug 20

" The guidance provided and dealings with staff were all extremely good. The approach taken by Mr Sadler and Dr. Stoneham was clearly very well practised and my recovery proved to follow pretty much exactly what had been described. Two months post-surgery I was able to carry out all the physical activities I had been doing before but without the discomfort caused by the hernia. "

Bilateral Hernia Male patient Jan 2020

" Friendly efficient service from all staff involved. Full explanation given at every step of the procedure, including what to expect in terms of recovery. "

Spigelian Hernia Patient CW Jan 2018

" Overall a big 9/10. Could not fault Mr Sadler and his medical team who repaired my very large epigastric hernia. 15-20 min,s. Remember,, If a hernia ruptures in your neighbour hood, Who you gonna call Greg Sadler "

Epigastric Hernia Patient ES Dec 2017

" I had assumed that as the procedure was under local anaesthetic, post op pain levels would be low. I was wrong. The first 4 days were very uncomfortable, with an inability to walk at all for the first 3 days after the initial local had worn off. However, following the first week, healing has been uneventful, with an entirely unexpected benefit. I have suffered from right sided lower back pain for over 5 years. I have sought many other solutions for this, but was told it was occupational, and could only be treated symptomatically. Since my hernia surgery, I have no back pain at all. I cannot explain it, but am very grateful that it has gone "

Bilateral Hernia Patient MJ Oct 2019

" I suffer from health anxiety and find it hard to trust people in the medical profession, particularly after a really bad previous experience. Everyone at the clinic went over and above to make me feel less anxious and at ease. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent and has helped to restore my confidence in all things medical. Due to my own issues I had some concerns after the procedure but Greg phoned me immediately and talked to me about all my concerns, which was exactly what I needed. I could go on waxing lyrically but suffice to say I am very happy with the whole experience. I cannot recommend all of Gregg's team highly enough. "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient GL 0618


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