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Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire 2019-2020

Please click here for our latest Survey Monkey Patient Feedback Questionnaire 2019-2020 results


Oxford Hernia Clinic is committed to giving patients the best experience and care. We routinely ask our patients for feedback which helps us to continue to develop and improve the service. A big thank you to all patients who have kindly supplied feedback. We do listen and try and make changes where possible.

" I wanted to get my hernia fixed before the summer and with the looming Corona crisis I felt it might be a long wait for the NHS. All of your staff were so friendly. I was quite nervous, especially as I had not met the surgeon beforehand, but I need not have been. All lovely people. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male SH Mar2020

" Every one was friendly and helpful , the operation and after the operation i had very little pain , before the operation i was in lot more pain for over a year it is nice now to be pain free thank you to all of you for doing that for me. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male TL Mar 2020

" Very friendly, pragmatic approach. All staff did their utmost to ease any anxiety and make stay as comfortable and informative as possible. Visit went exactly as detailed in booklet sent for prior information. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male PC Mar 20

" I enjoyed the delicious "post operation" sandwiches albeit my nurse had to chase them up a couple of times. I enjoyed the friendly interaction between patients, surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses and all support staff. The outcome of my operation - 6 weeks on, has been superb. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male DF FEB 2020

" The guidance provided and dealings with staff were all extremely good. The approach taken by Mr Sadler and Dr. Stoneham was clearly very well practised and my recovery proved to follow pretty much exactly what had been described. Two months post-surgery I was able to carry out all the physical activities I had been doing before but without the discomfort caused by the hernia. "

Bilateral Hernia Male patient Jan 2020

"  The whole procedure from the first contact with the Clinic, through speaking directly to the surgeon & the whole of the team at hospital was thorough, professional & reassuring. Explanations given by Greg Sadler & his associates were clear & detailed so that at all times I felt that I knew what was occurring ,so to speak,& what was likely to occur from it. I won't lie, it was painful for a couple of days afterwards, but by the end of the week I was back driving. The end result has been very successful & had I known that this surgery could be conducted under a local I would/should have had it done a lot sooner.  "

Umbilical Male Patient January 2020

" So much safer, faster and cheaper doing the operation under local anaesthetic. Wonderful service, in and out in no time. No problems (not even any pain) afterwards. No stitches to remove. Reassuring having a (low) fixed price. Wish I had gone there sooner instead of struggling with the NHS, who wanted to use general anaesthetic, and keep me waiting of course. Used public transport from London there and back, but I don't recommend the coach to get there even though it stops nearby - too slow and unreliable. "

Inguinal Hernia Male Patient Dec 2019

" I seriously doubt this operation could have been improved on. The service and friendliness of the staff was as good as I have ever received and the surgeon just brilliant. I felt in the best of hands throughout with the team here having a relaxing impact from the outset. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient BF Sep 2019

" Surgery is never an enjoyable experience, but my experience at OHC was not unpleasant. All the team endeavoured to create a relaxed atmosphere without any stress I had a telephone consultation prior to confirming surgery. Mr. Sadler has a pleasant, reassuring, easy going manner. Unlike many consultant surgeons he engages in conversation person to person, rather than attempting to impress with his superior knowledge. I was well looked after by Olympia. She was very clear describing the dosage and times of the pain management medication. The tea and sandwich was delicious and very welcome I would regard the post operative effects as discomfort rather than pain. I dispensed with the analgesic pain relief after 3 days. I was safely able to resume driving after 10 days. Although I still exercise some caution in everyday activities I regard myself as fully recovered, with the intention of resuming swimming. The skill, expertise, and experience of Mr. Sadler and Dr. Stoneham in particular. Of equal importance is the support of an experienced established team. When combined with an open and transparent attitude on cost it is an unrivalled package; even more so when the cost cannot be matched by any other providers OHC was open on cost with the best price for my hernias. Mr. Sadler’s team has a wealth of expertise and experience. My appointment was made in just over 2 weeks. OHC offers a comprehensive service without any compromise on quality. The surgery was very relaxed with my free exchange of conversation with nurses, surgeon, and anaesthetist. The whole process from 09-30 ended when I was in the recovery lounge at 11-05. Mr. Sadler visited me in the recovery lounge to ensure my wellbeing. At 12-00 I was on my journey back to Merseyside The minor discomfort experienced for 2 or 3 days was of no consequence. I exercised some caution before resuming driving after 10 days. It is the ultimate commendation that my hernia surgery at Oxford Hernia Clinic was not unpleasant. "

Inguinal and Umbilical Hernia Patient AL Sep 2019

"  My how the NHS could learn from this approach to treatment having been a nurse for 40 years I cannot say I have experienced such a high quality process an effective and efficient service - well done Excellent service right from the initial contact to the finished product - customer care at its best. I felt at all times respected and valued as an individual and right down to the sandwiches offered everything was first class - grateful and delighted.  "

Inguinal Hernia Patient NN Sep 2019

" I have been totally impressed with the professionalism of Greg Sadler and his staff at The Oxford Hernia Clinic. My experience throughout has been exceptional and I am so glad that I decided to have my surgery done by this superb medical team. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient RC Aug 2019

" As with most patients (I assume), this was my first experience of a hernia repair, but I really cannot imagine this or any other similar procedure being arranged and completed more quickly, courteously and painlessly. The level and detail of communication by the surgeon and all concerned, both orally and in writing, was first class and a great reliever of stress. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient DH Aug 2019

" During the whole experience I felt safe and cared for, chatting to the surgeon was a novel event! The total hospital visit lasted about two and a half hours hours , everything was efficient and the staff were wonderful. "

Umbilical Hernia Female Patient JS Jul 2019

" I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic. Such a short waiting time - 7 days - and a very friendly. relaxed procedure. 3 hours after arrival I was travelling back to Devon by car (as a passenger!) in perfect comfort. Virtually no post-op pain. A few paracetamol for 2 days were enough. I could not be more pleased. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient AH July 2019

" I had assumed that as the procedure was under local anaesthetic, post op pain levels would be low. I was wrong. The first 4 days were very uncomfortable, with an inability to walk at all for the first 3 days after the initial local had worn off. However, following the first week, healing has been uneventful, with an entirely unexpected benefit. I have suffered from right sided lower back pain for over 5 years. I have sought many other solutions for this, but was told it was occupational, and could only be treated symptomatically. Since my hernia surgery, I have no back pain at all. I cannot explain it, but am very grateful that it has gone "

Bilateral Hernia Patient MJ Oct 2019

" Initially I was sceptical because the price quoted was so far below others. But as I was self-funding I gave it a go and it was the best thing I could have done. I was pain-free enough after op to travel home to Sussex via THREE trains and attend a family party soon afterwards. Six weeks after op I am getting ready to return to five a side football at the age of 69. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient PD July 2019

" This was an excellent service. Getting a hernia is not something I recommend, but if you have one, getting it fixed at Oxford Hernia Surgery worked perfectly well for me. "

Umbilical Male Patient VHP June 2019

" The expertise and support provided by Mr. Greg Sadler and his team gave me great confidence and were much appreciated. "

Umbilical Hernia Patient AC June2019

" My experience with the clinic and the surgical team has been entirely positive. My recovery was essentially pain-free and extremely rapid and I am delighted with the final outcome. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient MY June 2019

" Greg was informative and the whole team were brilliant from the start. "

Incisional Male Patient May 2019 AM

" It was as excellent as a surgical experience could be: Mr Sadler was informative and reassuring, my life has much improved as a result of this surgery and I had no idea until now that abdominal surgery was possible under local anaesthetic. "

Umbilical Hernia Male Patient YW April 2019

" My overall experience was excellent. Throughout the process I was made to feel very comfortable. I travelled from North Wales in the morning to have the procedure and was back home by 2pm. I travelled home completely pain free. "

Bilateral Hernia patient AT Mar 2019

" Went to Oxford because of the good reviews and cost, everything went perfect on the day, I had been concerned prior to my operation having cancelled a previous one with the nhs but spoke to Mr Sadler and he convinced me to go ahead with the procedure. I was also concerned about post op pain but had minimal discomfort on the day of the op (Friday) and by the Saturday just a day after I was no longer taking pain medication, this hospital is by far the best place to come if you have any hernia issues and I would not hesitate to use them again. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient MM Mar 2019

" It was so good to be treated promptly and with reassurance and care by the team. Thanks for your help, I am now fully recovered, have enjoyed my planned holiday in Tenerife and am back volunteering at the National Trust. "

Umbilical Hernia Patient AN Mar 2019

" The whole team worked well together. Both the surgeon and anaesthetist were reassuring, and professional, and the theatre staff relaxed and clearly competent. It was also good to find a choice of food and drink available post after the operation. "

Bilateral Hernia Patient BY Mar 2019

"  I am a nurse myself and understand a little about this procedure. I searched the internet for a team that best suited my needs. I found Oxford Hernia Clinic to be outstanding. Both pre and post operation care. The procedure was painless. All staff are committed to your welfare. The following days after surgery were surprisingly almost painless too. I would highly recommend this team. I suffered for a year, I can now do all the things I could do before my hernia, like Yoga! Thank you all!  "

Umbilical Hernia Female Patient RM Oct 2018

" I was very satisfied with the whole procedure. Everyone was very kind. Greg Sadler explained everything to me and rang me back to answer a query after my procedure. I felt in safe hands. An extremely efficient service. I would definitely recommend. "

Inguinal Hernia Female AY Sep 2018

" Everything on the day of the procedure and most things after went exactly as described. In particular, I was sceptical that the sedative would stop the pain from the injections without making me sick, but it did.I was particularly concerned because an acquaintance had terrible pain after his surgery and discomfort for months. After some reading from various sources, I concluded that the best method was open mesh repair using open surgery without staples or stitches (using pro-grip mesh), and I am not aware that this is currently possible on the NHS. Also, I was fairly inactive in the last month before the surgery, so by saving probably three months waiting time I gained three months of active life.   "

Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Patient RT Sep 2018

" The service at Oxford Hernia Clinic was in my view superb. From my view there isn't any thing you could do better. "

Umbilical Hernia patient AS Aug18

" I suffer from health anxiety and find it hard to trust people in the medical profession, particularly after a really bad previous experience. Everyone at the clinic went over and above to make me feel less anxious and at ease. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent and has helped to restore my confidence in all things medical. Due to my own issues I had some concerns after the procedure but Greg phoned me immediately and talked to me about all my concerns, which was exactly what I needed. I could go on waxing lyrically but suffice to say I am very happy with the whole experience. I cannot recommend all of Gregg's team highly enough. "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient GL 0618

"Outstanding treatment from Mr Sadler and Dr Stoneham - thanks so much. Found it hard to believe that I did not remember having the local anaesthetic, even though I was told I would not remember it. The operation itself was amazingly efficient and smooth, all the staff were lovely and gave clear, consistent advice re aftercare. Can't think of anything that could be improved upon - many thanks for excellent care.    "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient AY Jan 2018

" I had an excellent experience of having a hernia repair at the Oxford Hernia Clinic. The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic which was not at all painful. The team were professional and friendly. The information given was very helpful and gave me confidence in my aftercare at home. My wound healed perfectly. I would recommend this service to anyone needing a hernia repair. "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient NN Jan 2018

" Overall a big 9/10. Could not fault Mr Sadler and his medical team who repaired my very large epigastric hernia. 15-20 min,s. Remember,, If a hernia ruptures in your neighbour hood, Who you gonna call Greg Sadler "

Epigastric Hernia Patient ES Dec 2017

" I would recommend anyone needing a hernia repair to go to this clinic. "

Spigelian Hernia Patient AE July 17

"It was a very good price in comparison to other hospitals, and I felt reassured because the surgeon has a very good reputation and has done over 5000 procedures."

Incisional Hernia Patient ET May 2016

"No pain at all, just a bit of tenderness but was not uncomfortable or unmanageable. I chose Oxford Hernia Clinic for the quick turnaround time from consultation to surgery and the fact I could choose a date suitable to me. The most fantastic experience I have ever had in a hospital. I can honestly say there is nothing that can be improved. Extremely impressed from start to finish so a million thank yous."

Epigastric Hernia Patient FH July 2016

" From first contact to discharge, the communication, support and friendly professional service was first class. On discharge my wife drove me home, a journey of five and a half hours during which I experienced very little discumfort. Over the next few days there was no severe pain, the level of pain experienced being adequately controlled by Paracetamol with Tramadol at night to ensure sleep. After four days no medication was necessary. Thereafter the most difficult thing was remembering I'd had surgery and was not to exert myself. The experience was much less painful and disruptive than I had anticipated and now, six weeks after the operation, I am back to normal with only a small scar as a momento. I attended as a private patient as I didn't meet the NHS criteria for surgery so I was keen to find somewhere specialising in hernia surgery at a reasonable cost. Oxford Hernia Clinic met the criteria, was supported by excellent reviews and proved to be an excellent choice. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Male AA Mar 2020

" Friendly efficient service from all staff involved. Full explanation given at every step of the procedure, including what to expect in terms of recovery. "

Spigelian Hernia Patient CW Jan 2018

"I chose Oxford Hernia Clinic because they were able to fit me in for the operation in the time frame that I wanted."

Sports Hernia Patient FS June 2016


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