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Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire 2017-2018

Please click here for our latest Survey Monkey Patient Feedback Questionnaire 2017-2018 results


Oxford Hernia Clinic is committed to giving patients the best experience and care. We routinely ask our patients for feedback which helps us to continue to develop and improve the service.

" This was a first class service in every respect and I've been more than satisfied with the procedure and my recovery which was remarkably speedy. Thank you. Patient RCM   May 2018 "

Inguinal Hernia Patient RCM May 2018

"Outstanding treatment from Mr Sadler and Dr Stoneham - thanks so much. Found it hard to believe that I did not remember having the local anaesthetic, even though I was told I would not remember it. The operation itself was amazingly efficient and smooth, all the staff were lovely and gave clear, consistent advice re aftercare. Can't think of anything that could be improved upon - many thanks for excellent care.    "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient AY Jan 2018

" I had an excellent experience of having a hernia repair at the Oxford Hernia Clinic. The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic which was not at all painful. The team were professional and friendly. The information given was very helpful and gave me confidence in my aftercare at home. My wound healed perfectly. I would recommend this service to anyone needing a hernia repair. "

Femoral Hernia Female Patient NN Jan 2018

" The difference between this and the NHS is worlds apart, and even from local private hospitals where there isn't a dedicated hernia clinic. "

Umbilical Hernia Patient MH Mar 2018

" The team at the Oxford Hernia Clinic are extremely professional and very friendly. During my consultation the surgeon explained how my operation would proceed and gave me a booklet which also contained this information. On the day of my operation I was nervous but everyone was so friendly that I was put at ease immediately. The surgeon went through my operation procedure again and answered all my questions. Everyone was so professional. I can't praise them enough. "

Umbilical Hernia Patient BW Jan 2018

" Overall a big 9/10. Could not fault Mr Sadler and his medical team who repaired my very large epigastric hernia. 15-20 min,s. Remember,, If a hernia ruptures in your neighbour hood, Who you gonna call Greg Sadler "

Epigastric Hernia Patient ES Dec 2017

" From entering the Manor Hospital to leaving only 2 hours later I was dealt with very professionally. The inguinal hernia surgery took only about 20 minutes and I felt nothing except some tugging occasionally. I simply walked out of the hospital and the only way I knew I had had surgery was the discolouration which went within 10 days. I followed the advice about taking pain killers for the first 3 days during which time I had no pain just very mild discomfort. I stopped the painkillers and still had no pain. A very satisfactory outcome from a good experience. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient AK Feb 2018

" I can only offer the highest praise for the surgeon and the whole team with whom I came into contact. Without exception they were friendly, took time to explain every aspect of the procedure from inception to completion. Notwithstanding that my visit was for a medical procedure (not to be repeated), it was actually an enjoyable experience. I give my sincere thanks to everyone at Oxford Hernia Clinic. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient Jim A Feb 2018

" I am extremely pleased with my surgery at the Oxford Hernia Clinic. Many thanks to all. Kind regards Bob Stock. Dunstable, "

Inguinal Hernia Patient BS Feb 2018

" I was very happy with everything and feel that the clinic gets it right! "

inguinal Hernia Patient DU Jan 2018

" I would recommend anyone needing a hernia repair to go to this clinic. "

Spigelian Hernia Patient AE July 17

"It was a very good price in comparison to other hospitals, and I felt reassured because the surgeon has a very good reputation and has done over 5000 procedures."

Incisional Hernia Patient ET May 2016

"No pain at all, just a bit of tenderness but was not uncomfortable or unmanageable. I chose Oxford Hernia Clinic for the quick turnaround time from consultation to surgery and the fact I could choose a date suitable to me. The most fantastic experience I have ever had in a hospital. I can honestly say there is nothing that can be improved. Extremely impressed from start to finish so a million thank yous."

Epigastric Hernia Patient FH July 2016

" I've tried to have the operation done through NHS but got told after been scanned that I have to bring further proof of my hernia in order to be considered for an operation. Found Oxford Hernia Clinic services reasonably priced and the reviews left by previous patients very good. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient ACB Oct 2017

" Nothing could be improved, the operation and recovery were both exceptional. All the staff were very helpful and the atmosphere was always calm, collected with a touch of humour to keep one smiling throughout the process. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient JA Nov 17

" I found my experience to be exactly,as described online,and although apprehensive,my fears were unfounded.I found all the staff attentive and professional.Thanks for a great job! "

Inguinal Hernia Patient PS Nov 2017

" Self funding price was important but so was feedback and levels of patient satisfaction. Being able to have the operation in a day and return home was a bonus. "

Inguinal Hernia Patient SN Dec 2017

" Friendly efficient service from all staff involved. Full explanation given at every step of the procedure, including what to expect in terms of recovery. "

Spigelian Hernia Patient CW Jan 2018

"I chose Oxford Hernia Clinic because they were able to fit me in for the operation in the time frame that I wanted."

Sports Hernia Patient FS June 2016

"It was great from first contact to finish. I chose Oxford Hernia Clinic for the speed of availability for a repair, and having the procedure under a local. From the moment I walked in, to the time I was discharged I cannot praise the staff at all levels highly enough. The treatment I received, both medical and nursing was of the very highest standard."

Umbilical Hernia Patient BY June 2016


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