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Oxford Hernia Clinic:

January 23rd 2023

Sorry but we are fully booked at present. We will re-open in a few weeks



Hernia Types

At Oxford Hernia Clinic we specialise in providing hernia repair under local anaesthesia. We have performed over 4500 hernia operations under local anaesthetic since the Clinic started in 2007 and PHIN data shows Mr Sadler to be the UK's busiest private hernia surgeon. Hernia surgery is available for inguinal, epigastric, umbilical and femoral hernia under local anaesthetic. Incisional and large non-reducible inguinal hernias usually require a general anaesthetic.

Please Note: We do not treat Hiatus Hernia

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Hernia Surgery Costs

We have a fixed fee of £2,290 for a unilateral inguinal hernia, umbilical, epigastric or femoral hernia surgery.

We pride ourselves on keeping our costs simple and realistic. For self-pay patients we offer a fixed-fee with no hidden extras.

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Nuffield Manor Hospital

The Clinic is based at the Manor Hospital, Oxford (Nuffield Health Group) a state of the art modern private hospital. The Clinic operates as a specialist hernia clinic through the hospital. The Consultants have full individual practice privileges and adhere to the Manor's policies and procedures. The Manor Hospital has a CQC Rating as Good.

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About Oxford Hernia Clinic

Oxford Hernia Clinic is a specialist hernia clinic operating under the governance umbrella of the Manor Hospital and Nuffield Health. We are dedicated to providing expert care at affordable prices. Our Consultants, Surgeon Greg Sadler and Anaesthetist Mark Stoneham have a specific interest in hernia surgery under local anaesthesia and have build up a considerable expertise in this area of surgery along with the nursing team of the Day Unit at the Manor Hospital.

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Information Booklet

Oxford Hernia Clinic provides both knowledge and experience, having performed almost 5000 hernia repairs since it was established in 2007.

For further information and to download a copy of all the information you may need, click the button below for a copy of our information booklet

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